To ensure a successful booking with AshJ please carefully read below and follow guidelines 

Please fill In the below form and in the comment section include 

  • Subjects or object of main artwork, or description-concept you would like to get eg. Lion, portrait, sculpture, facemorph etc.

  • Preferred placement on the body eg. Inner forearm, ribs, bicep, outside of thigh, hip etc

  • Requests just asking for a full sleeve, half sleeve without indicating subjects or descriptions will be disregarded

Ash’s style of tattooing is solely Black and Grey, Realism, Single-Needle, and Colour work

Cover-Up work, Re-work requests and any other style which is not deemed a good suit for ash or is his style will not be taken and disregarded

To keep a respectful Industry, and respect the artworks created for individuals and respect artists work around the globe, No Repeat designs, or copies of designs from images found on the net will be repeated as a piece, these requests will be disregarded, however references and completed tattoos can be brought in on the day of booking or sent to ash via email in the consultation to be viewed for idea concepts and can be recreated in a unique new custom design, or similiar concept to get the same look and feel but never a straight out copy of a piece.

Ash does usually respond within a hour but due to high volumes please allow a 3 day turn around time for a response, if there is no response from Ash within a week please consider the request unsuccessful.

All designs will be done 30mins to 1 hour on the date of your booking and never before

Upon completion of quotation a non-refundable down payment setup deposit will be required to book a date, if you cannot make the date you will be allowed one reschedule date and after that a new deposit will be required if rescheduling a second time.

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